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Tanita TBF-215 Body Composition Analyze

Tanita TBF-215

Body Composition Analyzer


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Tanita's body composition analyzers/scales utilize patented "foot-to-foot" BIA technology to make determining internal body composition a fast and accurate procedure. Tanita's body composition analyzers are intended for "high-end" doctors' offices and wellness centers. The TBF-215 offers the convenience of built-in height rod. The automatic height data entry makes the measuring process even easier. This model has a 440 lb. (200 kg) capacity, adult and athlete modes, "weight-only" function, printer and port for computer interface. Prints fat mass, fat %, total body water, BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and desirable ranges. ManthaMed is one of Canada's leading distributors for professional monitoring and diagnostic products.

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