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Vantage ABI

Vantage ABI

ABI Exam in as Little as 3 Minutes


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The true one-button ABI system that performs the ABI exam in as little as three minutes. Now, diagnosing Peripheral Arterial Disease for the 8-12 million Americans affected can be done fast and accurately.

The Vantage ABI uses an innovative cuff-based technology for performing the ankle-brachial index (ABI) exam to assist in the diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease (P.A.D.). The Vantage ABI is an innovative system for performing the ankle-brachial (ABI) exam to assist in the diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease (P.A.D.). This cuff-based system uses Digital Fourier Oscillometric or DFO waveform analysis, which Summit Doppler co-invented with researchers from the Cleveland Clinic where the technology was clinically validated.

The Vantage ABI is quick and easy to use. After the cuffs are wrapped and the patient rests, with one touch, the entire ABI exam takes just 3 minutes to complete!

ManthaMed is one of Canada's leading distributors for professional monitoring and diagnostic products.

# One touch - 3 minutes to complete the ABI exam
# Graphic display with convenient touch-screen to navigate the system
# USB memory stick for data transfer and storage (EMR interface)
# 4 blood pressure cuffs: (2) 10 cm cuffs for ankles & (2) 12 cm cuffs for arms
# Color-coded and labeled hoses/connectors to ensure proper connections

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